Privacy Policy

Protection of personal data

We take the privacy of personal data very seriously. Your personal details, only your e-mail address and password, are only used for signing up on this website.

Respect for privacy is regarded as an essential condition for a decent existence and as one of the foundations of our legal order. Everyone has the right to protection against the unrestrained collection, processing and distribution of his personal data. We endorse the above statement from the Dutch Data Protection Authority, responsible for independent compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

The Personal Data Protection Act stipulates that personal data may only be processed for specific purposes. We use the personal data provided by you for the following purposes: For logging into this website and sending passwords and for preventing, combating and handling fraud.

Jam Location will never use or resell the data for other purposes. Each subscriber can always unsubscribe easily and free of charge by canceling his account.

We select our partners with great care. Any cooperation will always be accompanied by great care for privacy. Unfortunately, with due observance of the aforementioned, we can accept no, or only limited, responsibility for the way in which these parties and / or institutions process anonymous or personal data. For further information, contact the relevant party or institution. The partners who have access to personal information are:
1: Myreni, development and maintenance
2: Resbo, web hosting

The content of this page can change without notice. Therefore, consult this information regularly so that you always use our website under the most current privacy rules.