Which data do we keep on file?

If you join us through our sign-up form we have only;
- your e-mailaddress
- your password

If you add a location we have;
- name of the venue
- name of street
- zipcode
- name of city
- name of county
- name of country
- website address

If you add an event we have;
- selected venue
- date event
- begin time of event
- end time of event
Events are automatically deleted when date has passed.

Locations are only visible when there is an event!
Visible locations have a link to their website and Google Maps

You can leave us any time!. You have 2 options
1. Remove your password and e-mailaddress
2. Remove your password only and we keep your e-mailaddres for blocking future sign-up
Your added locations will stay in our database for other Venue Managers.

After login we place a cookie for website access with a verification key only.